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Our available geckos

At the moment, we will not be updating our website. We do have several male and female
Correlophus ciliatus, Mniarogekko chahoua and Rhacodactylus leachianus (henkeli and GT) available.
Please send us an email for more info and pictures!
We're sorry for the inconvenience.

About BG-Gecko


Who's BG-Gecko?

BG-Gecko = Brenda & Guus. We live in the Netherlands and started keeping and breeding geckos in 2006.
The first geckos we bought were leopard geckos, we fell in love immediately and within months our collection quickly expanded. We added Rhacodactylus, Nephrurus, Underwoodisaurus, Gekko, Diplodactylus, Uroplatus and many more to our collection.
By now, we have kept and bred several hundreds of geckos and have found great new homes for our geckos all over the world. When it comes to breeding we mainly focus on geckos of the former Rhacodactylus genus (now Correlophus, Mniarogekko and Rhacodactylus).

Some of our gecko vivs

Gecko room impression (vivs)

We have a special room (the biggest one in the house) dedicated to our geckos. This makes it easier to keep them under optimum circumstances regarding humidity and room temperature. In the winter we can heat the room whenever necessary thanks to the seperate thermostat in the gecko room and in the summer we can cool the room with airconditioning when temps are over 30 degrees celcius. Our geckos are misted with RO-water (reverse osmosis) and are fed Repashy's MRP, Pangea's complete diet, fresh pureed fruits and insects dusted with the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Gecko baby racks

Gecko room impression (baby racks)

All of our hatchlings are kept in seperate faunariums from the day they hatch. This way we make sure they won't accidentally nip each other when hunting for insects. It is also much easier to monitor their health this way.
After a baby hatches and has shed it is placed in a faunarium lined with paper towels, a PVC pipe and a plastic plant (all of this is for easy cleaning). When it is several months old it will be moved to a bigger "more natural" faunarium.

Get in Touch

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about one of our available animals or general gecko care.

We start attempting to sex geckos at a minimum of 6 grams. However, we only guarantee the sex when a gecko is labeled either “male” or “female”. If we don’t see any pores while trying to sex a gecko and the gecko weighs at least 6 grams, we label them as “possible female”. Even though we are experienced in determining the sex, one that has been labeled as “possible female” is not a guaranteed female.

Prices of our available geckos (not the ones that have been put “on hold”) are subject to change at any time and can get both higher and lower if a gecko goes through a major appearance (color) change or when we find out what the sex is.

All our available geckos are guaranteed healthy. Meaning they have no problems with shedding, eat well and are active. They are of appropriate age to go to a new home (at least 6 weeks old). We are fully responsible for the gecko’s health while the gecko is in our care but since we can’t control how a courier or exporter takes care of, or packs the gecko before delivering/shipping we do not have a live arrival guarantee.
We do however work on a “case-by-case” basis if anything should happen shortly after the gecko arrives at its new home. But this could mean that we will ask for pictures of the specific gecko or even an autopsy report from a vet that is also specialized in reptiles. Courier/shipping costs are non-refundable and if we are to replace a gecko that has died the new owner has to make the arrangements to come pick up the gecko/ship the gecko as well as pay for the expenses made to pick up/ship the new gecko.

We only sell geckos which we believe are in great health. For this reason we keep the right to cancel a reservation or postpone the date that the gecko will go to its new owner when we have any doubts about the gecko’s health.

If you want us to put a gecko on hold for you we ask for a non-refundable deposit which is at least 25% of the total price of your gecko order, making this deposit means you accept to our terms and conditions of sale. When we are delivering an animal to your home, ship the animal to you or use a courier service to get the animal to you, we require the gecko to be paid in full at least seven days before it leaves our home.

Contact Details

  • BG-Gecko = Brenda & Guus
    The Hague (Den Haag), The Netherlands

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